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[Heart-fluttering Breaking News] ‘Come on’ Welcome to Ji Chang Wook’s RomCom!

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First post is


The main character for the first post is


That’s right! That’s right!

Action, melo, comic
A character who takes on all these genres
And assimilates perfectly

In his own colour
Creating his own character

All-around good looks
Handsome guy-Fit

Perfect ratio that takes your breath away

And now looking forward to the romcom-Fit
New Romcom King
Actor Ji Chang Wook


From May 10 onwards

Noh Ji Wook Prosecutor



Nice to meet you

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Ji Chang Wook’s watch has never stopped. He has never run away from the variables in front of him and has kept running forward up until now, continuously emptying himself and replenishing without stopping.

Our lives are all full of variables. We can’t predict what might happen tomorrow and even the things that are happening today, we don’t know when a variable might suddenly appear. There is a fabricated world where these variables, which are difficult to predict, are controlled by (someone with) tremendous power. An ordinary unemployed man, who is trapped by the fabricated variables of that world, starts to fight. The movie ‘Fabricated City’, which is about to be released in February, is about an ordinary man who under a fabricated situation gets framed as a murderer and how he unravels the truth behind the case. Ji Chang Wook plays the role of ‘Kwon Yoo’, a leader who wins victory after victory in the gaming world, but who in reality, is an unemployed man addicted to gaming, tiding his meals over with cup ramen in the internet café.

For actors, all their past works could become a variable. Through ‘Donghae’ as a dashing youth and then as a weak emperor in ‘Empress Ki’, he became a strong hero in ‘Healer’. Then through ‘The K2’, acting as a mercenary turned bodyguard, he reached the peak of action acting. As he filled up his filmography with unexpected diversity, he became a star, receiving hot cheers from fans in Asia. The awkwardness from the label of ‘actor’ has passed; the experience of feeling lost and wondering if this road is the right one has now become energy for the present. Whenever he has a hard time, he gets the greatest strength from his mom and his friends (his pet dog is also a great source of support). Ji Chang Wook’s world is thus made up of diligently filling up those empty places with their comfort and support. And in that world, Ji Chang Wook is looking forward to a good life.

“Before I’m an actor, I’m a person. In the past I used to worry a lot over acting but my biggest worry now, as a person, is how I can live a happy life. As for the answer, I’m not sure. I still don’t know yet. I only know this. My happiness and unhappiness are determined by how my thoughts are.”


Drama: The K2 · English translation · Interview



Ji Chang Wook (29), who is about to be called into military service next year, has been hailed by Korean media as “(the) expert in action acting” after completing the Korean drama ‘The K2’.

Currently there are many male Korean actors who prefer to act in short romantic comedies that are in the 20-episode range as they feel that it’s very tough to film action projects and longer TV dramas require more filming time as well.

However, Ji Chang Wook, who is in front of me, is different.

5 years ago, Ji Chang Wook exploded in popularity when he filmed the 159 episode daily drama ‘Smile Donghae’, and his performances in every project have left a deep impression on viewers. Ji Chang Wook has many “Mom fans” especially, perhaps due to him having acted in a daily drama.

This is my second time interviewing Ji Chang Wook. Through the interview this time, I discovered that compared to other young male actors, he really is more steady and he has matured even more. I’m really looking forward to his exciting performance in his next project!

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Drama: The K2 · English translation · Interview · Musical: The Days

[ENG/TRANS] 161206 WomanSense December Issue – The Chang Wook

Source: WomanSense

An actor who can find the perfect role for himself is a fortunate one. A well-cast role brings the whole drama alive. Ji Chang Wook is such an actor.

I first met Ji Chang Wook about 5 years ago. When he wrapped up his drama ‘Smile Donghae’, this was what he said to reporters in a voice filled with worries, “I don’t know what kind of actor would be a good actor.” He was troubled over how he should act in order to express his sincerity. Rather than trying to become the best, he just does his best and he has affection for all his projects. And he has proven his passion through his acting.

In the TVN drama ‘The K2’, Ji Chang Wook took on the role of ‘Kim Jeha’, a war mercenary turned bodyguard; hired by the presidential candidate’s wife and protecting the girl who lives apart from the rest of the world. The bodyguard action was brilliant and portrayed his relationships with the girl, ‘Go Anna’ (Im Yoona), who could not be revealed to the world in a beautiful melo (love story), and the absolutely evil woman ‘Choi Yoojin’ (Song Yoon Ah), who was not afraid to take on the world for the sake of power and honour.

“As there were many action scenes as well as emotional scenes, it was very exhausting both physically and emotionally. But it was interesting and I had fun filming. The viewers also responded well so I gained strength from that. Although it has now become another one of the projects that has passed through my life, I think I was able to leave good memories.”

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Drama: The K2 · English translation · Interview

[ENG/TRANS] 161202 JLOOK December Interview – TO BE A REAL MAN

Source: JLOOK
Translation: @teappani/twitter

Ji Chang Wook entered the studio with light steps, carrying an iced Americano. His slim body and wide shoulders captivate the eyes. In response to being told that his body got even better than before, he laughed saying, “I worked out a lot, that’s why.” For 3 months he had to continuously work out and watch his diet for the drama, unable to relax due to the high difficulty action scenes in the drama. There’s no hint of laziness to be seen from his body.

Ji Chang Wook got ready for the shoot after he greeted the staff with joyful high fives. After a while, a guest with a gentle impression came to the studio with a dog. “This is my Mom. Our house is right in front so I asked her to come when she’s walking the dog.” As his Mother was leaving the studio, Ji Chang Wook turned to face her, waved both hands and said, “Bye Mom!” in an affectionate voice.

When the shoot began, the image of the son who has a lot of aegyo (T/N: cute charm) also went home with his Mom. Ji Chang Wook understood the concept of the shoot, which was inspired by Matt Damon’s Bourne series, and showed many poses. Here’s the conversation I had with Ji Chang Wook, a unique actor who has shown terrific growth year after year.

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Drama: The K2 · English translation · Interview

[ENG/TRANS] 161124 An in-depth look behind Ji Chang Wook’s handsome appearance – Interview

Source: Kukmin Ilbo
Translation: @teappani(twitter) | PLEASE CREDIT FULLY IF REPOSTING ANYWHERE

Although he is a Hallyu star with countless fans from Greater China, he’s not conscious of being a star. He laughed, “My longtime friends just ignore me.” He also revealed an anecdote that happened while filming TVN “The K2”.

“A while ago my friend from high school came down to the set. But it was raining that day. My manager gave me an umbrella and when my friend saw that he was taken aback. He left saying ‘Ya~ give me an umbrella too. Seeing you here, you look cool.’ (LOL) When my friends are around (I also) fool around a lot.

This charming man has surprisingly remarkable acting skills. Ji Chang Wook took on the lead role of a war mercenary turned special body guard Kim Jeha in “The K2”. Even though there were many intense action scenes, they were no problem for him. Action scenes aside, he also (t/n: showed his understanding/assimilation of the role well) brilliantly portrayed the emotional scenes with Song YoonAh and Yoona (SNSD).

“I think this project made me seem a little manlier than my previous works. I also tried to be more relaxed (with my acting). I feel I was also more in tune with my colleagues, seniors, juniors and other actors.”

He always gives an honest answer with frankness. It made us wonder about such a man. Rather than the man (we see) from his projects, it made me really curious about the person ‘Ji Chang Wook’.

And so I asked. About the road that he has walked on thus far.

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