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Ji Chang Wook’s watch has never stopped. He has never run away from the variables in front of him and has kept running forward up until now, continuously emptying himself and replenishing without stopping.

Our lives are all full of variables. We can’t predict what might happen tomorrow and even the things that are happening today, we don’t know when a variable might suddenly appear. There is a fabricated world where these variables, which are difficult to predict, are controlled by (someone with) tremendous power. An ordinary unemployed man, who is trapped by the fabricated variables of that world, starts to fight. The movie ‘Fabricated City’, which is about to be released in February, is about an ordinary man who under a fabricated situation gets framed as a murderer and how he unravels the truth behind the case. Ji Chang Wook plays the role of ‘Kwon Yoo’, a leader who wins victory after victory in the gaming world, but who in reality, is an unemployed man addicted to gaming, tiding his meals over with cup ramen in the internet café.

For actors, all their past works could become a variable. Through ‘Donghae’ as a dashing youth and then as a weak emperor in ‘Empress Ki’, he became a strong hero in ‘Healer’. Then through ‘The K2’, acting as a mercenary turned bodyguard, he reached the peak of action acting. As he filled up his filmography with unexpected diversity, he became a star, receiving hot cheers from fans in Asia. The awkwardness from the label of ‘actor’ has passed; the experience of feeling lost and wondering if this road is the right one has now become energy for the present. Whenever he has a hard time, he gets the greatest strength from his mom and his friends (his pet dog is also a great source of support). Ji Chang Wook’s world is thus made up of diligently filling up those empty places with their comfort and support. And in that world, Ji Chang Wook is looking forward to a good life.

“Before I’m an actor, I’m a person. In the past I used to worry a lot over acting but my biggest worry now, as a person, is how I can live a happy life. As for the answer, I’m not sure. I still don’t know yet. I only know this. My happiness and unhappiness are determined by how my thoughts are.”