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[ENG/TRANS] 161206 WomanSense December Issue – The Chang Wook

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An actor who can find the perfect role for himself is a fortunate one. A well-cast role brings the whole drama alive. Ji Chang Wook is such an actor.

I first met Ji Chang Wook about 5 years ago. When he wrapped up his drama ‘Smile Donghae’, this was what he said to reporters in a voice filled with worries, “I don’t know what kind of actor would be a good actor.” He was troubled over how he should act in order to express his sincerity. Rather than trying to become the best, he just does his best and he has affection for all his projects. And he has proven his passion through his acting.

In the TVN drama ‘The K2’, Ji Chang Wook took on the role of ‘Kim Jeha’, a war mercenary turned bodyguard; hired by the presidential candidate’s wife and protecting the girl who lives apart from the rest of the world. The bodyguard action was brilliant and portrayed his relationships with the girl, ‘Go Anna’ (Im Yoona), who could not be revealed to the world in a beautiful melo (love story), and the absolutely evil woman ‘Choi Yoojin’ (Song Yoon Ah), who was not afraid to take on the world for the sake of power and honour.

“As there were many action scenes as well as emotional scenes, it was very exhausting both physically and emotionally. But it was interesting and I had fun filming. The viewers also responded well so I gained strength from that. Although it has now become another one of the projects that has passed through my life, I think I was able to leave good memories.”

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